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If you are searching for a garage door company in Armonk NY, to provide service for your existing garage door, or to replace it with a new garage door, Matalonco Grange Doors will be your best choice. After years in the garage door field, and after serving hundreds customers in Westchester County, we are proud to declare: we have never left an unsatisfied customer at the end of the job, and the positive reviews our customers keep sending us can prove it.

Garage Door Repair Armonk NY

A good garage door repair include two parts: the first part of the repair is locating the problem, and the second part, which isn’t less important is locating the cause to the problem, and making sure the problem won’t repeat itself. If a garage door technician fixed a broken part, but did not fixed the reason which lead to the problem, he only did half of he’s job, and for Matalonco Garage Doors, half job is never enough.
Many times, the reason for the problem is lack of maintenance. Many people tend to ignore the need for a garage door maintenance, thinking that they should not waste time and money for something which is already working. But what they do not understand, is that it isn’t wasting money, but more like investing money. The maintenance is what protect the garage door and the garage door parts, and what assist the garage door to continue operate in a safe and perfect way.

Spring Repair Armonk NY

Your garage door is working with the help of a spring system. Some garage doors work based on the assistance of a torsion spring system, and some work basing on the assistance of extension spring system. The spring system is the force which make it easier to open such a heavy door so easily, and prevent the garage door from crashing into the ground.
Every garage door spring can break, no matter if you maintained the garage door on time, and used the right spring for the door. The springs, which are under a tremendous pressure from lifting the heavy door, can break, and in some cases can cause damage and even be dangerous. But the good news are that a broken spring does not mean that you will have to replace the whole door, and there is a way to try and minimize the damage which followed by a breaking spring (to minimize the damage, and for the safety of those who come near the garage door, there should be safety cables installed if your garage door is operated by extension spring system).
The spring replacement, especially when the case is a broken torsion spring, should be performed by a trained technician, who know how to match the right spring for the garage door, and who know how to adjust the spring for the right tension. We highly recommend to avoid the DIY torsion spring replacement, and to contact a garage door company in Armonk, to come and replace the broken spring for you.

Out Of Track Garage Door Repair Armonk NY

There are many reasons for an out of track garage door, but one thing need to be clear – an out of track garage door should not be used, and should be repaired by a trained technician. Many times, the reason for a garage door which went out of track is a garage door which was hit by a car. If no parts got broken, bended or damaged, our technicians will be able to repair it today, but if the panels, or other essential parts are broken, you may need to wait for us to return for the repair. We recommend you to avoid trying the garage door back on track by yourself, since the garage door need to be inspected before it will be safe for use again.
If you are located in Armonk NY, it mean that you are local, and we will be able to send you someone today, so your garage door will go back on track, and you will be able to use your garage door again.

Garage Door Motor Armonk NY

If you need a garage door motor (opener) repair or installation in Armonk, you got to the right place. We offer repair and installation service for garage door motor from all brands, so we can proudly say: If it is a garage door motor job, we can do it!
Don’t be sure that the problem which you notices is a garage door motor problem. Sometime it seem to us that the problem is coming from the motor, when it is actually a problem with the garage door mechanism. For example, we explained above that the force which lift and lower the garage door mostly come from the spring system and not from the motor, And if one of your springs is broken, or not correctly adjust, then the motor is being forced to do the lifting, and that make it seem like something is wrong with the opener. (If you will continue to use the garage door although the spring is broken, eventually you will also need the garage door motor to be repaired or replaced).

Garage Door Safety

Your garage door is probably the largest moving object in your house, and as such it can be dangerous when it is being used in a wrong way. No matter if it is a garage door in Armonk NY, or a garage door Redondo Beach CA, a damaged or broken garage door should not be used. An other thing you can do, to make sure the door is safe for use, you need to make sure that your garage door (if it is an automated one) is equipped with safety sensors, which should protect someone or something in case it will be paced at the garage door’s path while it is moving, and the second is safety cables (extension spring system only) which installed in order to protect the surrounding area in case one of the springs will break. If you located in Armonk, and need safety sensors installation or safety cables installation, Matalonco Garage Doors can install them for you.

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