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Garage door Hawthorne NY

Garage Door Repair Hawthorne New York, 10532

Same day garage door repair service in Hawthorne NY. One of the cities in Westchester County New York, that can use our garage door repair services is Hawthorne NY. From overhead garage door repair, to new garage door installation, when it come to garage door repair services in Hawthorne NY, MATALONCO Garage Doors the right choice.

One of our missions, when it come to high quality garage door repair service, is to provide the repair service ASAP, allowing your to get your garage door back on track, and allowing you get back to the routine of using a a garage door that open and close whenever you need it. To provide that, we got all the parts we need, in order to complete the service, and fix you garage door at the first visit. From torsion springs, through garage door pulleys, to garage doors openers, we are ready to repair any garage door problem. Sometime the problem require special parts, especially when it come to custom made garage doors, or old wooden garage doors. But no need to worry, we have the knowledge and the connections, to get the missing parts, and complete the job, sometime within few hours. Because we know, that fixing the problem quickly, is part of a professional and responsible service.

New Garage Door Installation in Hawthorne NY

Looking for garage door contractor to replace your old garage door? Need a garage door installation? We aca help. Using the experience and knowledge we acquired during many years in the garage doors and gates service in Westchester NY, we can help you find the right garage door. There are many parameters you need to consider, when you are looking for a new garage door: from color and materials, to size, window, and operating system. There are many garage doors companies, and each one of them claim to offer the best garage doors in the market. This is not the place to discuss that, but we will say that we always use a high quality garage doors, from leading garage doors brands, because we believe that using a high quality garage door, will ensure a garage door that operate and serve with zero problems for many years. And since we put our reputation on the installation, a reputation that was built from hundreds of garage doors repair and installation in Westchester County, we must provide you with a garage door that will preserve that reputation.

Opener repair/replacement

If you are looking to repair a broken garage door opener, or to replace an old opener, or simply to install a new opener, there are few things you should consider: First, you should be looking for a high quality garage door, one that will work and respond whenever it is needed to, and for many year; Second, you want the right garage door opener for your door, since not every operator is going to fit every door;Third, you want an experienced garage door contractor, to perform the installation. We, at Matalonco Garage Doors, can provide you all those three things. We believe that a good garage door operator installation, which include those three things, is going to end with a garage door operator that will work for many years, and that always going to respond when you are going to need it.

Safety Sensors Repair

The garage doors safety sensors, don't really have anything to do with the way the garage door is working, but at at the same time, they have a very important part. Their part is to protect you, or any other people or objects, who located at the garage doors path. If a person, a pet, a car, or any other object, that will interrupt with the laser beam that run between the sensors, the garage door operator will stop its movement, to prevent damage to what stopped the laser beam. Actually, the Federal law demand that every garage door openers will include safety features, to prevent the garage door from hitting objects in their paths. One of the ways, as we just described above, is to install safety sensors. Because safety, is an important part of using a garage door. If your garage door is making strange noises, if the spring is broken, if the garage door is out of track, or any other garage door problem, you should STOP USING THE GARAGE DOOR, and contact a garage door repairman, to come, inspect the door, and fix it. A garage door that have a problem can be dangerous to you, to people who come near the garage door, or to objects that located near the door.

Garage Door Safety Cables

If you have a garage door with torsion springs, but no one ever installed safety cables, you should consider contacting a garage door company, to come and install them for you. Although the garage door safety cables have no part in the way the door is working, they are important in case one of the springs will break, The garage doors springs, no matter if it is extension springs or torsion springs, are under a lot of pressure, and when one of them break, it can be dangerous, and can cause damage. So do not think everything is working, why should i touch it, and install safety cables, which is not a complicates job, but one that can prevent damage, and even can save life.


Garage Door Services in Hawthorne NY:

  • Broken garage door spring repair.
  • Garage door safety sensors repair.
  • Garage door panel replacement.
  • Garage door cables replacement
  • Garage door Hing replacement.
  • Safety cables installation.
  • Broken garage door opener repair.
  • Garage door maintenance.
  • Broken Pulley Replacement.


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