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There is no overhead garage door that we cannot repair! No matter if it is a residential garage door, or a commercial overhead garage door, we can fix it. We serve all Westchester county NY, and we will be happy to repair your garage door in Rye. We fix overhead garage doors and garage door openers from all makers, including Amarr garage doors, Sears garage doors, Wayne Dalton garage doors, Lift Master openers and much more. Having a problem with a broken garage door spring, we can help, from torsion spring repair, to extension spring replacements, contact us today, and let us deal with the broken garage doors.

Garage Door Opener Rye NY

There are many things that should be considered, when you are coming to purchase a new garage door opener, or fixing a broken one. From the size of the overhead garage door, through security options and safety, to the type of the opener drive and the price. But there is one thing that you should never ignore: You want a high quality garage door opener, that will serve you for many years, and that will be safe to use.
The reasons to contact us, in order to fix or replace your garage door opener, can vary from noisy opener, to an unsafe or unsecured, to a broken opener. The garage door openers which being installed today, are much more advanced than those that were installed few years ago. Today there is a federal law that require every garage door opener, to include a reversing safety feature, which supposed to protect people or objects that located close to the door. If you have an automated overhead door, but no safety feature installed, we advise you to install them ASAP. You do not want to put yourself or your family in risk. We are all used to a perfectly overhead garage door, that serve us whenever we need it, but a garage door that is not being used correctly can be dangerous. If you live in Rye NY, and need a overhead garage door opener repair, all you need to do is to contact us, and one of our techs will be on he's way to help.


Overhead Garage Door Tune UP

Every overhead door need to be maintained. The lubrication of the parts, and the tune up of the springs and the opener, can make a big difference between an overhead garage door that will continue to work and serve us until the next tune up, and a garage door that may get stuck or stop working. If your overhead door is stuck, or if your garage door does not open, you probably ignored the need for tune up, and you were probably thinking “why should I spend money on a garage door which is working great”? Well, you were wrong, and now that you are facing a broken garage door, you probably know you should of take of the door on time. If you live in Rye NY, and your garage door need a tune up, or maintenance, you can use our special tune up package, which include garage door maintenance and inspection.


Broken Torsion/Extension spring

As mentioned above, a garage door tune up can save you a lot of time and money in the feature. One of the reasons that we see on a daily bases, and that lead to a garage door that need to be fixed, is a broken spring. No matter if it is a torsion springs system, or extension springs, a garage door with a broken spring should not be used, and should be repaired by a professional garage door repairman. There are many calculations that being done, in order to fit the right spring for the garage door. Using of the wrong spring, may lead to a garage door that doesn’t work smoothly, and that can even be dangerous. The spring, which are the force that assist the overhead door to open, are under a lot of tension, and when they break, they can be dangerous and can also cause damage to the garage door itself, to you, or anything which is located close to it. To try and avoid this, every garage door which work with extension springs, should include safety cables. The reason to install safety cables is not to improve the way the door work, but it is only to make sure that if one day the door will break, the safety cables will try and protect the surrounding area from being hurt by the broken spring. If you live in Rye NY, and you need a broken spring repair, or safety cables installation, please contact us, and let Matalonco garage Doors deal with the garage doors.


Garage Door Replacement Rye NY

Garage Door Replacement Rye NY

If you decided that it is time to replace your garage door, there are few things you should consider, before deciding which garage door is the best for me?
There are many garage doors in the market, each garage door maker will probably say that he is the best garage door manufacture. We are not here to decide which one is right, and which one is the best garage door. But what we can do, is give you few advices, to help you make the right decision, which will lead to a garage door that will serve you and your family for many years.
There are 2 things you should never ignore – the first, is that you will get a high quality garage door. Since a garage door that being maintained on time can serve you for many years, you should aim for the best. The second, you want the garage door to be installed by a professional garage door technicians, who install doors in Rye NY. The garage doors can vary from size, design and colors, but those 2 things we just described shouldn’t be ignored, and making sure that they will occur, will assure that you will get a high quality garage door. If you live in Rye NY, and searching for a garage door contractor to replace your garage door, you are in the right place.



Garage Door Services in Rye NY:

  • Broken overhead garage door spring repair.
  • Overhead Garage door safety sensors repair.
  • Overhead Garage door panel replacement.
  • Overhead Garage door cables replacement
  • Garage door Hing replacement.
  • Garage Door Safety cables installation.
  • Broken garage door opener repair.
  • Overhead door maintenance.
  • Overhead doors installation.


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